Edouard Cortes - Porte St. Martin
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Edouard Cortes ( 1882 - 1969)
Porte St. Martin
Oil on Canvas
18.25 x 25.5 inches (46.3 x 64.8 cms)
Price range:    Over £50,000
Edouard Cortes was born in Lagny, France in 1882.

The artist is particularly well known for his atmospheric portrayals of the street scenes of Paris. During the early part of his career the artist’s palette was quite dark with only small amounts of bright colour illuminating the canvas. As time went by Cortes gradually lightened his palette until at the very end of his career his colours became very bright, perhaps resulting in a loss of intimacy and atmosphere.

The artist’s paintings of the1920’s and 30’s are very sought after as they depict a Paris full of excitement, culture and vitality and colour. He painted famous views such as Porte St. Denis, the Opera House and the Madeleine with beautiful lighting effects. He incorporated charming details in these works such as horse-drawn carriages and the omnibus.

Edouard Cortes became a member of the Society of French Artists from 1907. He was also a member of the Salon de la Societe National and he exhibited at the Salon des Independents.

The artist died in 1969.



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