Kruseman Frederick Marinus

( 1816 - 1882 )

Kruseman was born in Haarlem on 12th July 1816 and died in Brussels on 25th May 1882. He was the nephew of Cornelius and Jan Kruseman. He studied under the Dutch Painters, Jan Reekers, J. Van Ravensway, N.J. Roosenboom and B.C. Koekkoek whose influence is clearly discernible in his work. He is best known for his landscapes, treating both summer and winter subjects, although he also painted a few still lives. Between 1836 and 1858 he lived and worked in Haarlem. For the latter part of his life he worked in the environs of Brussels. He exhibited in Amsterdam and The Hague between 1833 and 1856. He is represented in the Courtrai Museum.