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Hans Dahl

(1849 - 1937 )

Hans Andreas Dahl was born in Hardanger, Norway on 19th February, 1849. He studied under the direction of Riefstahl and Gude in Carlsruhe and then under Gebhardt and Sohn in Dusseldorf. He made his debut in 1876 in Berlin and also exhibited in Dusseldorf and Philadelphia. He moved to berlin in 1888 and it was here that he spent the remainder of his life. Hans Dahl was famous for his paintings of the beautiful Norwegian fjords and surrounding landscapes. He spent his summers in Bergen in Norway and he portrayed Bergen in many of his works. His vibrant colours and charming portrayals of young Norwegian girls in their national costume have always been very popular. The artist died in 1937.

By the Water's Edge

Oil on Canvas
Signed & Dated 1880
29 x 44 inches (73.7 x 111.8 cms)

Price Range: £30,000 - £40,000
+ 44 (0) 20 8940 7333

Hans Dahl