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Henry John Boddington

(1811 - 1865 )

Exhibition: Collections: Victoria & Albert Museum, Glasgow Art Gallery, Sheffield Art Gallery, National Museum of Wales, Boston Museum of Fine Arts Detailed Description: One of the Williams family of artists, Henry John Boddington was the second son of Edward Williams. After his marriage to Clara Boddington in 1832, he took his wife’s name to avoid confusion with his father and brothers, all landscape painters in their own right. He was trained by his father, working in his studio from childhood. His earliest pictures were studied from the scenery of Surrey and the banks of the Thames. In 1843 he visited Devonshire, in 1846 the English Lakes and in 1847 North Wales, which was to become his favourite working ground. Boddington became extremely prosperous and settled in Hammersmith. He was the only one of his family to actually become a member of the RBA to which he sent works annually for 24 years. He also exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1839 until his death.

Going to Pasture

47 x 82 cm (18 ¹/₂ x 32 ¹/₄ inches)
Oil on Canvas
Signed and Dated 1847

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Henry John Boddington