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Roy Hodrien

Roy Hodrien was born in Lancashire in May 1957. It was while he attended Oldershaw Grammar School that he discovered he had a serious interest in painting. As a result of the encouragement he received there, he went on to complete an art foundation course at the local Art School and then on to further art study in Coventry. At this time Hodrien developed a fascination with animal paintings and he carried out many private commissions. This interest culminated in the publishing of a book entitled ‘Pedigree Dogs in Colour’ which contained over one hundred of Hodrien’s illustrations and for which he wrote the whole text. Until recently the artist owned a beautiful Great Dane. It was only after this and some work in advertising that Hodrien began to concentrate on his still-life paintings. In this he has mainly been influenced by the 17th Century Dutch Masters, particularly Willem Kalf and Jan Davidsz de Heem. Hodrien’s technique is based upon the build up of thin layers of paint to produce translucent effects that are essential in still-life work. The highlights, though, are achieved through use of thick undiluted paint. It is with these techniques that he aims to capture the richness and precision of the Old Masters whilst maintaining his own individual stamp. Hodrien’s works can be found in collections throughout the world from the U.S.A. to Belgium, Germany, the Middle East and the Far East and he is currently exhibiting in London. To counterbalance the solitude of the artist’s daily life, Roy has maintained an interest in his physical fitness and has a passion for golf. In 1992 he was married to Helen in San Diego, California.

Still Life with Champagne and Fruit on Marble

30.5 x 25.4 cm (12 x 10 inches)
Oil on Board

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Roy Hodrien