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Eugene de Blaas

(1843 - 1931 )

Eugene de Blaas was a painter of genre scenes, born of Austrian parents on 24th July 1843 in Albano, near Rome. His father was Karl von Blaas, the historical painter. He studied art at the Academy of Rome where he was the pupil of his father. He also studied at the Academies of Vienna and Venice where he became professor. He spent much time painting monumental works of Venetian fishing families. These works are of fine quality and in them can be seen de Blaas’ mastery of portraiture for which he is particularly famous. He visited Belgium and France and lived in England for a time. From 1875 until 1892 he exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, the Grafton Gallery and the New Gallery in London. Eugene de Blaas is an artist of great importance in 19th century figure painting. The quality of his work is outstanding and he is represented in many fine private collections. Museums: Leicester, Melbourne, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sydney and Vienna.

At the Opera

Oil on panel
Signed & dated 1899
40 x 24½ inches (101.6 x 62.2 cm)

Price Range: Over £50,000
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Eugene de Blaas